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Assisted Reproduction Techniques

We offer treatments to help increase the chances of success for couples undergoing an IVF/ICSI/IUI cycle. Which focuses on improving the quality of your follicles and endometrium to aide a potential Implantation. IVF focuses on the quantity of eggs.

For more information on how Fertility Acupuncture can assist please click on the Fertility & Sterility Study which shows studies confirming the success rates combining with IVF, which is over 42% pregnancy rate compared with no Acupuncture 26%!



IVF can be a highly stressful experience, particularly if the couple have already experienced a failed round.

Some of the potential benefits of using acupuncture during IVF include:
  • Alleviates the side effects of the medical treatments and improves response to hormonal stimulation.
  • Helps to reduce the stress and tension faced by patients going through the different procedures.
  • Improve blood flow to the pelvic organs improving chances for successful implantation.

If you have undergone a failed round of IVF or you are about to embark on your first round, the following is recommended:

3 months before start of IVF

Ideally treatment will start with weekly Acupuncture sessions, 3 months before you start your round of IVF drugs. Here we will undertake a fertility review, make a TCM diagnosis and plan a course of treatment, including recommendations on diet, supplements and lifestyle in the lead up to the start of IVF.  In some cases it can help increase the chances of conception before starting IVF.

Down Regulation

Weekly sessions to encourage the thinning of the endometrial lining and to help reduce side effects of the drugs.

Stimulation/Up Cycle/Egg Collection

Weekly sessions to support follicle growth and improve circulation and to relax the body for egg collection.

Egg Transfer

For the day of transfer two sessions of acupuncture are recommended:

Pre-transfer to improve blood flow to the uterus, relax the cervix and prepare the body to receive embryos (the day before or on the morning of).

Post-transfer to encourage circulation, relax the uterus and aid implantation (on the same day after implantation or within 24hrs)

Two week wait

An optional session or two of acupuncture can be used in this period to support implantation and relax the body and mind.


As with IVF, we recommend beginning treatment three months before the planned date of the IUI round. Here we will do a fertility review, make a TCM diagnosis and plan a course of treatment in the lead up to the day of insemination. Acupuncture is then recommended 6-8 days post insemination.

Frozen Egg Transfers

For those ladies who have prepared for 3 months with us and have eggs frozen, we recommend coming in for treatment a few months before egg implantation to ensure the womb lining is healthy and there are no menstrual issues issues. And to calm and destress the body/mind.

Recurrent Implantation Failure

For failed IVF cycles the usual reasons are:

1. Hormone problems
2. Infections and illness
3. Uterus or cervical issues
4. Enviromental factors
5. Chromosomal abnormalities
6. Immune system problems

All these underlying problems can be linked back to an abnormal immune system.

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