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It might surprise you to hear that I worked in Banking for 10 years and then finished my career as a Treasury Consultant for HP in California after another 10 years in the Corporate Treasury field! It did'nt make me happy, but I didn’t know what else I could do. Then I found myself in an airport bookshop on my way back from a business trip in San Francisco, when a book called What Colour Is Your Parachute, about lifestyle shifting, career changing and focusing on what you enjoy doing, literally fell at my feet.

I picked it up off the floor, read it on the flight home and suddenly I knew I had to change my career and do something involving health and helping people, based upon my early interests in all things Eastern and martial arts. And now after over 18 years practicing Traditional Acupuncture for Natural Fertility and IVF support, I used these same techniques to help my own wife conceive 10yrs ago with healthy twin girls at 41!

About Me. My twins

That book changed my life and I hope I can help to change yours.

Besides my Advanced Level Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture training under Naava Carman, below is a list of training over nearly 17yrs:

Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine Training:

    • Three-year diploma in Shiatsu bodywork at the European Shiatsu School, Marlborough

    • Spinal Manipulation Level 1 and Level 2 Certicated Training with OMT Ltd, London

    • Chinese Tuina Massage training with the Shulan College of Chinese Medicine, Manchester

    • Postgraduate TCM Fertility training with Jane Lyttleton in Basle, Switzerland

    • Diploma in Chinese Acupuncture under Dr John Brazier, Academy of Oriental Medicine, Lytham

    • Chinese Herbal patent medicine course, Shizhen College of TCM with Professor Shulan Tang, Manchester

    • Japanese Acupuncture specialist courses includes a Foundation course in Kiiko Matsumoto Acupuncture, London and 1 years training with the Japanese Toyohari Acupuncture Association, Amsterdam under Dr Stephen Birch.

    • Tung Acupuncture Beginning and Advanced Series training with Susan Johnson Lic.Ac, Liverpool

    • Managing the Menopause with Acupuncture with Paul Johnson, London

    • Advanced Diploma in Fertility Acupuncture with Naava Carman, Fertility Support Ltd, London

    • Fertility and IVF Support with Paul Johnson, London, recognised Fertility Acupuncture course by the AFN

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